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Advantages and Disadvantages of Icloud



Apple Inc. launched iCloud, a cloud storage and cloud computing service, on October 12,2011.As seen from February 2016, it had  782 million users. The service provides users  to store data like documents ,music ,photos on remote servers for iOS, macOS, Windows devices to share data with other users. It is a replacement of Mobile Me Service which acted as a data synchronizing center for calendar, bookmarks, data and photos. The announcement of Apple was made on June 6,2011  at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.In addition, MobileMe was discontinued after June 30,2012.The domain was bought from a Swedish company called Xcerion. iCloud allows users to store photos, bookmarks, music, backups and reminders. User should have iOS or Mac to create an iCloud account.



Why to use  iCloud

1.      The unlimited storage capability is the key feature of iCloud and allows user to store things like text messages, applications ,music ,photos ,personal device and ringtones from camera roll feature. User can see  stored pictures, music from any other computer with access to icloud and internet.

2.      From iCloud media files can be played directly without being downloaded. User having a  large collection of music and videos can play media directly from iCloud.

3.      User gets 5 GB of free storage with backup of files.

4.      iCloud is a free service.       

5.     User does not require a cable.

6.     Synchronization  with all the updates is the main  benefit of iCloud.



·         Internet connection is necessary.

·         Privacy and Security issues.

·         Payment for more than 5 GB storage.

·         Slower transfer of large files.


iCloud Queries

Below listed are some problems related to icloud, these are the problems that are common and can be solved easily with the proper guidance.

1. Confirmation Failed

Generally users face confirmation failed  issue .This issue is similar to incorrect ID  and password. You should write email id and password despite of writing username and password of iCloud account .Check Caps Lock Key is off. If nothing works ,change your password. Click on Forgot Password and type a new password twice and reset it.At last you should check your iCloud account is  verified. Check your registered email id for verification.

2. iCloud ID Disabled

If user has registered password wrongly a numerous times or he has not extended  period for iCloud account then he could face the error , iCloud ID is Disabled. Apple automatically resets conditions for IDs, passwords and safety questions.  If you have not refreshed Apple ID  framework, Apple will disable these  accounts. The fastest way to solve this issue is to reset Apple ID. Empty iCloud and transfer data. Delete your previous iCloud  account and then create a new one.For solution of such type of issue find icloud phone number from Toll free number directory.

3. Servers of icloud are shut down

 Sometimes due to maintenance the servers of icloud are shut down, if this is the chase nothing much can be don except for wait, sometimes when the servers are activated again you may need to re login your icloud account or look for a update through your apple id. 


If these solutions cannot help, you can use icloud support phone number for any technical help. Experts  are  available 24/7 on iCloud Phone Number. Issues like  iCloud ID not able to access the account, iCloud ID not Login In, Forgot Password etc  can be solved  by using iCloud Support Phone number, they have experts there that will help you in getting your problems solved faster and in effective way, you can always trust the services that they provide and will keep your data private and secure.